Oral Cancer Local Treatment

Privo’s chemotherapy PRV111 patch is placed directly on the cancer lesion

Particles are released from PRV111 patch and subsequently,  the encapsulated cisplatin is released and retained at high concentration in the tumor. The proprietary formulation keeps the drug localized for maximum efficacy and safety. 

Privo’s Platform Key Features

Polymeric nanoparticles embedded in a polymer matrix:

  • High retention of the API locally
  • Significantly improved safety and efficacy by reduction of side effects and systemic toxicity
  • Creates a polymeric barrier to prevent leakage into systemic circulation

Customizable treatment:

  • Controlled release
  • Multiple APIs and combination drugs
  • Shape and size
  • Dosage form (patch, oral pill/capsule, an injectable gel, topical gel, etc.)

Privo’s In-House GMP Manufacturing

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